Hosted Prometheus and Grafana with Long-term Storage

Zero Maintenance

FreshTracks runs and maintains the latest versions of Grafana and Prometheus for you. The FreshTracks team takes care of upgrading and maintaining your Cloud Native monitoring so you don’t have to.

Open and Extensible

FreshTracks is built upon the open source technologies Grafana and Prometheus. Build on your existing experience with the tools your engineers know and love. Leverage the open source community to continuously evolve and extend system visibility and avoid locking your team into a single vendor.

FreshTracks provides the same Prometheus data source, Prometheus exploratory query interface, Alert Manager, and Grafana experience your engineers currently enjoy. Have existing Grafana dashboards? Port them to our hosted Grafana, no problem!

Work Across Silos

FreshTracks ensures engineering teams can use the same tools to solve stability issues and understand system changes.  Pulling together Kubernetes, container, and application metrics, we help teams share and collaborate on dashboards and problem-solving.

Long-term Storage

A typical Prometheus installation has a 2-4 week data retention period. FreshTracks supports a 13-month+ retention for all your data. Need to investigate long-term trends for forecasting and capacity planning? No problem. We’ve got your data.

Global Visibility

FreshTracks collects and stores all of your metrics, from all of your clusters, in the same system. No need to subset the “important” metrics that are sent to your federated clusters.