Cluster Right-Sizing

Save Money by Correctly Sizing Your Cluster

Most Kubernetes clusters are over-provisioned and can result in significant monetary expenditures for your infrastructure. Having the ability to correctly size your investments based on the real usage of resources, FreshTracks optimizes your infrastructure spending and align it with your real application resource usage.

Know Which Applications are Throttled

After requests and limits are set, FreshTracks continues to monitor resource usage on the limits. FreshTracks shows you if any applications are being CPU throttled or coming close to their memory limits. You can then adjust the limits or scale out the workload.

Detect Changes in Your Infrastructure

Often changes in resource limits are due to changes in traffic behavior or changes in code. FreshTracks cluster Right-Sizing helps you detect when these changes occur.

Scale to Meet Your Demand

Either resource usage or resource limits might require you to scale your workloads. FreshTracks acts as a custom metrics sink that can feed the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler and Cluster Scaler to intelligently scale your cluster based on demand.