The Best Day-2 Kubernetes Metric Experience

Instant Aggregations

In a typical Prometheus installation, container and node metrics are automatically emitted and collected. Single container or node performance does not paint a complete picture for micro-service or cluster performance. You need visibility into this aggregated performance to understand if your customers are being served. As soon as FreshTracks starts collecting your metrics, we automatically aggregate container and node metrics into their respective hierarchies. We present multiple views into this aggregated metrics hierarchy and support your curiosity by navigating between them.

Adaptive Thresholds and Anomaly Detection

Setting static thresholds for your alerts covers only half of the behavior of your metrics. Knowing when a metric drops below a threshold is as important as knowing when it exceeded it. Thresholds are based on the pain from your last incident. FreshTracks machine learning inspects your metrics behavior and dynamically sets dynamic thresholds based on historical data. These thresholds are persisted back into the Prometheus data store to assist you with writing alerts that are based on the real behavior of your system, not just the last incident.

Automatic Dashboards

Drowning in vast seas of metrics, operators and developers don’t know which metrics matter to whom and when. This problem is exacerbated by the elastic nature of Kubernetes and the short life cycles of containers.  FreshTracks removes the guesswork from finding the right metrics that correlate to the problems you are tackling. Metrics are automatically correlated in the context of every Application, Deployment, and Node. The context helps engineers understand how the whole application is performing and servicing your customers.

Alert Suggestions

Knowing what Kubernetes metrics to alert on is even more daunting than know which metrics to put on a dashboard. FreshTracks has combined the knowledge from the community with our own expertise to offer a menu of alerting suggestions installable with a single click. Use our experience to make your team confident going to production.

Application Metric Dashboard Generation

Creating effective dashboards is a difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone task. FreshTracks provides powerful tools to generate and evolve application dashboards by selecting a few key metrics. These dashboards represent your application running in a Kubernetes context and provide a deep understanding into how application metrics relate to your customer experience.