Operators and Developers

Whether you are an Operator or a Developer, you need metrics to understand the systems you are supporting.  Operators and Developers also need each other to fully grasp changing applications.  FreshTracks is a single application that facilitates DevOps communication—however your team chooses to DevOps.

Adaptive Thresholds

Adaptive metric thresholds use historical data to automatically define bounds for application metrics. As your system workload changes, the thresholds will evolve to reflect the current state.  FreshTracks uses machine learning to calculate thresholds and exposes them to visualize via Grafana charts.  Thresholds are also available in the Prometheus Alert Manager to better improve your alert definitions.

Kubernetes Cluster Intelligence

We developed FreshTracks to know with certainty when applications are healthy and when they are not behaving as expected. Existing monitoring tools like Prometheus do a good job of collecting metrics about the state of your applications, but they fall short in providing dynamic anomaly detection to allow you to take action based on those metrics.  FreshTracks fills the gap between you and your metrics, enabling your applications to be more stable and available and allowing you to spend more time where it matters.

Kubernetes Context

Operators and Developers are often drowning in vast seas of metrics.  It can be difficult to know which metrics matter to whom and when.  This problem is exacerbated by the elastic nature of Kubernetes and the short lifecycles of containers.  FreshTracks takes away the guesswork around finding the right metrics that correlate to the problems you are tackling.  Metrics are automatically correlated in context of the applicable Service, Pod, Deployment, or Node.  The context helps you understand how the whole application is performing and provides value to your customer.

Anomaly Detection

Humans are inherently good at pattern matching, but so are computers.  At FreshTracks, we would rather have machines detect anomalies so that engineers can spend their time tackling more urgent and important problems.  FreshTracks uses a variety of statistical and machine learning methods to identify anomalies and emit them in a reliable stream. This stream can be visualized by Grafana and parsed by Alert Manager.  Anomalies are going to happen; let FreshTracks find them for you.

Evolving with your system

Applications are always growing, and customers are always demanding more.  The last thing you need is to spend time supporting and extending monitoring tools instead of focusing on your customers.  FreshTracks is designed to automatically evolve with your dynamic system.  Machine learning and correlation constantly adapt to your ephemeral ecosystem to provide consistent observability as your system evolves.

Hosted Prometheus with long-term storage

Rock solid uptime and long-term storage are crucial to your monitoring system. Running and maintaining monitoring infrastructure is costly and could decrease your visibility. FreshTracks.io collects and sends your Prometheus metrics to the cloud so that you can see long-term trends without the hassle of running and maintaining Prometheus.

Ready to see inside your system?