Rock-solid uptime and long-term storage are crucial to your monitoring system.

FreshTracks collects and sends your Prometheus metrics to the cloud so that you can see long-term trends without the hassle of running and maintaining Prometheus.

Grafana and Prometheus Interfaces and plugins provided by FreshTracks

FreshTracks Features

Line icons of the Prometheus and Grafana logos

Hosted Prometheus and Grafana

FreshTracks runs and maintains the latest versions of Grafana and Prometheus for you. The FreshTracks team takes care of upgrading and maintaining your Cloud Native monitoring so you don’t have to.

Kubernetes Cluster Intelligence icon. A hexagon with a lit up lightbulb inside.

Kubernetes Cluster Intelligence

FreshTracks knows with certainty when applications are healthy and when they are not behaving as expected. Existing monitoring tools like Prometheus do a good job of collecting metrics about the state of your applications but fall short in providing dynamic anomaly detection and actionable alerts.

Icon of a computer monitor showing a graph that trends up and to the right. There are top and bottom thresholds shown in the middle of the monitor, and the data exceeds the threshold in several places.

Machine Learning Enrichment

FreshTracks learns the behavior of your system over time and calculates expectations for the metrics in your system. These thresholds are useful tools for developers and operators to identify and diagnose aberrant issues within the system.

Icon of a dashboard showing four line graphs

Generated Dashboards

FreshTracks immediately starts aggregating your Node and Container metrics to provide deep insights and cluster-wide visibility. We spend all our time thinking deeply about running Kubernetes to jumpstart your Day-2 Kubernetes metrics experience.

Icon of three hexagons that represent a Kubernetes cluster. The hexagons are surrounded by sizing marks.

Cluster Right-Sizing

FreshTracks analyzes your container’s resource usage and automatically sets the requests and limits for all flagged containers to their optimum. This feature saves you the cost of over-provisioning your Kubernetes clusters.