Vector drawing of the Boulder Flatirons with the FreshTracks office building in front of them. The building has a flag with a hexagon on it.

About FreshTracks

FreshTracks is a small incubation based in Boulder, CO near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Our mission is to simplify Kubernetes visibility and provide insights into modern distributed software deployments so engineering teams can understand their systems and quickly resolve issues. We believe strongly in the value of Open Source Software and contributing back to the community.

About the CA Accelerator

The CA Accelerator is a lean startup incubator inside of CA Technologies that was founded with the goal of bringing exciting new innovations to market. As part of the incubator program, we support continuous experimentation, problem-solving and customer involvement at every stage of the product lifecycle.


Marc Chipouras, Cofounder

Marc Chipouras


Bob Cotton, Cofounder

Bob Cotton


Dave Thompson, Engineer

Dave Thompson


Logan King, Engineer

Logan King


Dr. Thomas Campbell, Data Scientist

Dr. Thomas Campbell

Data Scientist

Chris Marchbanks, Engineer

Chris Marchbanks


Cody Boggs, Yak Shaver

Cody Boggs

Yak Shaver

David Ellis


Ryan Scott


Pete Geoly

Head of Growth

Juliet Rubin