Simplify Kubernetes Visibility

Intelligent monitoring and alerting for containerized applications and services.

Screenshot of the FreshTracks interface with the Prometheus and Kubernetes logos
Vector drawing of a cloud that points to the Prometheus logo which in turn points to a FreshTracks dashboard in Grafana

Zero Maintenance

Hosted Prometheus And Grafana Solution

Collect and send metrics without the hassle of running, scaling and maintaining Prometheus.

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Work Across Silos

Kubernetes Cluster Intelligence

Fill the gap between your metric and application behavior.

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Tiled hexagons represent a Kubernetes cluster and its entities
Vector drawing of a Grafana dashboard with an enlarged section of a line graph that shows data outside of the projected threshold

Adaptive Thresholds

Machine Learning Enrichment

Automatically learn and enhance metrics over time and display them in actionable dashboards.

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Instant Aggregations

The Best Day-2 K8s Experience

Immediately start gaining insights for your Kubernetes Node and Container metrics.

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Vector drawing of nodes and containers (which are represented as large and small hexagons) whose data is piped into a dashboard that displays a line graph.

Stay on top of your application and microservice infrastructure